December 24, 2011

As for the current state of affairs


I have turned in more than half of my college applications in the past week. It makes me even more excited. For those of you who don't know, I was deferred from my early application college - now, lots of people get "sad concerned" face when I tell them that. Yes, I am bummed. Yes, it makes me nervous. No, I have not fallen into a pit of endless despair. I am actually being serious when I say I can't even decide between my schools. This one was not my be all and end all. Yes, it would have been reassuring if I had gotten in. But I didn't not. So right now, I'm just wrapping up my last few applications and playing the waiting game. All of my decisions come in sometime between the end of March and early April, so this place will be filled with lots of news around that time (hopefully some good...).

Meanwhile, I've discovered this amazing major that some of my colleges are offering (usually titled something like Cognitive Science) which effectively combines psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and philosophy. I don't know what do with myself; it's like all of my interests just got combined and validated! Hopefully I'll end up somewhere where it's offered.

Aside from the college game, tomorrow I take off to New Paltz! I go there over December break every year (for the past 5 or 6 years) to see old friends and celebrate the Yiddish culture :) I may or may not have had my first kiss there... Anyways, I'm really excited. There will be pictures!

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  1. Your first kiss who happens to know so many people that I know! Uhh mutual facebook friends with Johnny's ex girlfriend of 3 years. I just can't believe that it is such a small world.

    Just creepin on your blog...what's new haha. Also, you never did tell me how this went!