December 15, 2011

As for for mellow-drama

I find out about early action tomorrow. Long story short: Yes, I am nervous. But, I'm not completely freaking out. You know why? Because this is not my be all and end all. Yes, I will be disappointed if rejected, and bummed if deferred. But I sincerely love a significant portion of the colleges to which I'm applying, so if I don't get into one, that's fine, as long as I get into some of my other favorites. The main thing is particularly worrying for me, is that how I do tomorrow can sort of be an indicator for how I'll do at other top-tier colleges. And if this indicator is negative, I'll start really freaking out about the results in April. So this result is really just one out of a bunch. But it gives a hint to what the rest might don't know how to feel.

Answer: mellow.

I've been listening to mellow rock all week to chill out. It's totally working. I feel some semblance of sane! It's so nice! So here it is y'all: the Mellow Rock playlist. Float on!

Mellow Yellow - Donovan
I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground
The Only Boy Living In New York - Simon & Garfunkel
The Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists
Naive - The Kooks
Goshen - Beirut
The Greatest - Cat Power
Los Angeles, I'm Yours - The Decemberists
Come Sail Away - Styx
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - The Velvet Underground
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay (Live) - Sara Bareilles
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
A Few Screws Loose - A Great Big Pile of Leaves

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