September 30, 2011

As for grunge rock

I have been in this...I don't want to say "rut," but....musical rut. NOT that that's a bad thing. I love this rut. I am jammin out in it. But all I've been listening to is relatively grungy 90s-style rock. It's so great, you're really missing out - oh, wait. I'm uploading a playlist today. So you can get all caught up.

I've just been feeling like such a typical angsty teenager. In a kind of 'done with this/superior' kind of way. I was talking to a friend this afternoon about one of classes and I was talking about how little intellectual presence required to get an A in the class, and she replied "Thank God you have an easy class at least!" and my first reaction was - I'm sick of easy. I'm sick of being able to tread my way through these mundane and passive classes. There was a point in my educational timeline when they were useful. But right now I feel like for 6 hours a day I'm just paying dues and getting absolutely nothing out of it. Usually when you hear "I hate school!" it means that person is a slacker/doesn't care...etc. But for me...I'm hating school right now and loving my college class. I'm hating that taking 4 AP classes simply presents me with a crapload of busy work and nothing that actually requires presence of mind. Sure, we write analyses in English. But by "analyses" it's essentially - this is the plot line. This is the character's personality ... Are you still awake? I seriously need engagement right now. I'm wallowing in unwanted passivity.

To illustrate the above - here is a small selection of grungy and crushing songs. Enjoy!

Gold Sounds - Pavement
In My Head - Dum Dum Girls
Heartstrings - Breagh MacKinnon
What I Wouldn't Do - A Fine Frenzy
No Language In Our Lungs - XTC

September 28, 2011

As for....Blane?!

This is Duckie's reaction face to Blane's name. In Pretty in Pink.....duh. "Blane's not a name! It's a major appliance!" Hence, my car's name is Blane. Just thought this was pertinent to life. It seems to me that who you are in your car alone and driving is very emblematic of...the essence of you. Sure, it's a mundane exercise we need to complete to get from point A to point B, but who we really are gets expressed in the little things, the mundanities. Do you like to roll down the windows even when it's autumn and crispy cold outside? Do you dangle your fingertips over the windowpane? Do you tap your left foot along with the music? Is there music? Is it in the background or is it the only thing that keeps you from falling asleep? Do you turn your music down or up when the windows are open? Do you listen to NPR? Do you feel superior to the people walking? Do you hate pedestrians? Are you aggressive? Timid? Easily frustrated?

I hate slow drivers and yet I never cross far over the speed limit. I blast acoustic music with the windows open. I like that crisp air. I close my windows and sing very badly and very loudly. These were moving interludes tend to, in a way, condense my mood. It's the moments in between when everything outside can stop and you can just...turn inwards.

Oh no, my introversion is making itself known again.

Today in physics I wrote haikus about wanting to get out of here. Maybe I'll compile all my boredoutofmymind senior haikus (written in bubble letters) into a monotonous chapbook illustrating utter boredom. In the sense that the contents will be about being bored and reading it will be boring. How postmodern of me.

It's 10pm and I'm done with homework. Except I will never go to sleep.

As for slow sipping

I recently migrated my laptop-ing home into *drumroll please* the guest room! As opposed to my bed, that is. Previous classic Jess computing position: in bed reclined on the husband with laptop firmly perched on ovaries, slowly frying my eggs. Current classic Jess computing position: at desk reclined on super-comfy chair with wood firmly absorbing computer heat (not ovaries!). We've made a lot of progress. Aren't you proud of me? Anyways, my new home has enabled me to appreciate this room's beauty much more. It's got all of my great-grandmother's vintage furnishings in it, and the large window faces West - so I get full frontal sunsets on the daily. Needless to say, some really pretty moments come along. Here's a sampling from yesterday....

(c) Jess

(c) Jess

(c) Jess

I've also been hitting up my femme singers even more...I just recently discovered Breagh MacKinnon. I did my research on the interwebs and unfortunately the only way to get her music is via the big bucks, but believe me, the $6ish dollars on iTunes is well worth it. Heartstroking lyrics, and she *ahem* exhibits both breadth and depth in her freshman album. Each of her songs has a different rhythm to it, and yet they all beautifully meld together if you're listening to her in the background. Somehow she's one of those artists you study to, but also whose lyrics you know all of. Note: great beginning/during/ending relationship music for those that is applicable for

The Dum Dum Girls also just recently released their new album, Only in Dreams, which is fantastic. Straight up dance-around-your-room good music. I already put "Coming Down" on my Woman Playlist for you guys - definitely her requisite angsty song  (not in a bad way at all). However, the other tracks really go to a more positive place. Some songs are good for happy man hating ("Just a Creep"), but mainly it's all just perfect for I-just-developed-a-crush times (i.e. "I'd rather visit you in my head" from "In My Head). Y'know what I mean: you just realized you thought he was cute, and he gave you that suggestive side glance and *swoon* oh, the possibilities! Have fun with it :)

In other more mundane news - I've gotten into the habit of consuming my latte over a 6 hour period. My heat-containing travel coffee mug is definitely my enabler. S'great. 

September 26, 2011

As for college

With the onset of fall (and sweaters) I have assumed the 'don'tgiveashit' style. Exploiting my mom's extensive collection of sweaters and flannel from the 90s, nearly every day is a cozyfest. This weekend, I lived in my thick opaque leggings, oversized sweater, and fuzzy boots (they feel like Uggs on the inside...but are actually attractive on the outside). I may or may not occasionally wear dresses with sweaters over them (yup, I went there) Angela Chase style.

I had a college interview last week at my first choice college. And no, in case you were wondering, I'm not going to tell you what it is because 1. people judge people based on their ambition and 2. dude, I'll totally be embarrassed if I don't get in. So, that being said, I've realized over the past year or so of the college admissions process something about myself that I'm actually really thankful for - I like lots of things. Hence, I love many of my college options. So you know what? When I don't get in to college A and say that I'm actually delighted to go to college B... I'm actually telling the truth. Novel, right?

Also I had really great berry blend froyo today. That's all :)

As for bread

Ok, guys, on Saturday I went to a "breakfast breads" baking class - it was so much fun. I'd never gone to a cooking class before, but I saw the advertisement for this and it was right up my alley. We made brioche, pumpkin muffins, maple muffins, banana nut muffins, and cream scones (which were impossibly flakey). Seriously, why lift weights when you can make brioche? We needed the dough for over half an hour - some would say it's frustrating, I would say it's the definition of baking. Getting your hands dirty, really working with the dough. I enjoyed myself :)

Also, for no explained reason, I stayed up until 3am last night....most of it I spent organizing my life but then it got to the point where I decided to eat a scone, dunk my hair in the shower, put on my glasses, and watch Freaks & Geeks. So, you know, we live and learn. What did I learn, you may ask? Well, stay up until 3am as often as you can. It was a fun time. And then I slept way too late but I'm blaming that on the sickness.

September 21, 2011

As for sick days

So I open my eyes this morning, and right away I know. Fever. That pressing suffocating feeling of your head being dragged through the bed....and I haven't even opened my eyes yet. I stumble, semi-delirious, into my bathroom and take my temperature. In my groggy state I hardly believe the numbers - 103 degrees. Great. I don't have the time or the patience to be sick! Crap. Needless to say, I had to miss school. Not happy. I hate being behind. I felt like a puddle all day.

BUT I just got the next Freaks and Geeks disc in the mail, so I was quite content with switching between my Nick Andopolis, Downtown Abbey, The Daily Show, and The Playboy Club pilot (better than I expected! entertaining).

I also got bangs yesterday - I think I like them. But change is good. 

That's me!

I have been listening to lots of female singers for the past couple of days, so here it is! The Woman Playlist. Apologies if it's kind of mopey/depressing.

Coming Down - Dum Dum Girls
Swan Song - A Fine Frenzy
Daffodils - Olivia Drusin
1+1 - Beyoncé
Crimson & Clover - Joan Jett
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
My Slumbering Heart - Rilo Kiley
Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
Quiet Fire - Melody Gardot
Love Is - Meg & Dia
Someone Like You - Adele
Gatekeeper - Feist
Naked If I Want To - Cat Power
The Mistress - Amelia Curran
Stupid - Sarah McLachlan
In the End - Ida Maria
Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy
New Favorite - Alison Krauss & Union Station
Blinding (Acoustic) - Florence & The Machine

September 16, 2011

As for mundanity

You guys should just know I'm totally geeking out on life right now - listening to Cold Cold Water really loud because it just hits your core like that and it's so damn true and trying on stuff from Urban that I ordered (had to send half back, obviously - oh, life as an abnormally proportioned person) but I got a lovely fall dress out of it, in which I feel like an Italian 20something who makes herself beautiful breakfasts on the porch of her beautiful villa and just lives a beautiful life and a black part leather letterman jacket which actually fits me (who'da thunk it?) in which I feel slightly badass. In other news about myself that you don't care about - I'm gonna get bangs. Straight across bangs (I've had the same haircut since seventh grade, this is very exciting for me). Definitely feels more right.

Also, tonight I watched (on Netflix Instant! Woot!) Last Night. Ok, the plot is not the most original. Husband goes on business trip, both husband and wife have opportunity to cheat - what do they do and what happens when he returns? Well, I'm just going to make this loud and clear: THIS MOVIE IS WORTH WATCHING. It is one of those beautiful movies in which the moments in silence, the mundane actions, and the pure wordless acting are crucial. The writing is, to put it lightly, beautiful. One of the first thoughts I had while watching it was - this is the truest movie I've seen in a long time. It's heartbreakingly honest and the characters are so real. And not in the hipster movie "all our characters are struggling in their 20somethings and swear a lot because they are real" kind of way, but the honest way. The way in which you can't imagine them reading or memorizing their lines.  By the end of it, expect to feel immensely melancholy.

September 15, 2011

As for simple days

Late Start Day!

Today was a good day.

When I was in elementary school, I used to keep a diary. There were no long and emotional entries, no chronicles of playground debacles, no rants on the crushable boy I was swinging next to that morning - instead each day only had a couple of lines. As per my mother's suggestion, I started every day with how that day felt. So literally every entry for about 2 years was "Today was a good day." Believe me, those were not all good days. Today was a good day. It was the kind of day I tend to describe with textural adjectives, i.e. crunchy, juicy.

It's even amazing what an extra hour of sleep can do. I felt mentally intact. It was amazing. Cream cheese slathered bagel crunches in my mouth as I wash it down with a wonderfully bitter latte. School day floats by like the wasted time it is. Boots click clack on the rain-slicked pavement. 

And then I see him skateboard across the crosswalk a couple of cars ahead of me and thank god I didn't leave a moment earlier. 

As for the past

When I think back to my childhood, it all feels like a satellite recollection. Like a different child with whom I happen to share a memory bank. Our personalities have some crossover and affect upon each other's but it's all distant. Played with flickering and worn vintage film reels. Even 6 or 7 years ago is this distant entity. Then I think - 6 or 7 years from now I'll be graduated from college. I'll be a twentysomething probably having a quarter-life crisis and feeling lost. And when I look back upon these elusive high school years, will that girl seem the same as she feels now? Will she be tangible? Or a hazy throwback to those nights in spring when I rode in cars with boys and tilted my head out the window and felt the breeze blow myself back miles behind. Will she just be the girl who worked herself to the bone to get a chance at the perfect future. Will what she did be worth what she may be then. I don't know if I want this girl to feel lost.

As for trying to describe a season

It's just that crisp air. It feels like...renewal. Fall is my new year. It's like a reincarnation of who you happened to be last year and who you decided you were last summer - and then in real life. I feel resolved. Settled. I know where I am right now and I actually feel like I'm there. In age, in knowing what I want, in knowing what I have. And not to be salacious at all but....doesn't fall feel a little sexy to you? In that clear, cuddly, cool kind of way. In an innocent let's-hold-hands-while-we-sip-coffee together kind of way. (by the way, that=sexy). It's the kind of season when you would describe a man as 'attractive' or 'handsome,' not built. Also, we get to wear sweaters and over-sized button-ups all the time. Does it get any beter? Me thinks not. I personally crave cozy. If I could walk around all the time wearing a flannel shirt and boxers, I would. Oh wait...I do that at home all the time.  On top of it all, things should be stressful and hectic and decision-crazy and THEY ARE but - I feel confident. And that's the difference between fall-me and winter-me. Winter-me is downtrodden and overworked and burned out and restless with a heavy dose of ennui. I'm sorry for when you have to start reading her. I know I have decisions to make and things to get done and I will do them. That's all that counts. Newsflash: It's all gonna be ok.

In an effort to synthesize all these exciting-crisp-attractive-slightlycoolerandmaybealittlesad vibes, here is a master fall playlist. Enjoy! P.S. If you don't already, I highly encourage you to order the playlist in the shown order, it's much more of a voyage that way :)

Change of Time - Josh Ritter
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Cover) - Fanfarlo
Scythian Empires - Andrew Bird
Maybe Not - Cat Power
Everywhere I Go - Lissie (ft. Ellie Goulding)
For Lovers - The Libertines
You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac
Catch My Disease - Ben Lee
Morning Light - Ida Maria
Lessons Learned - Matt & Kim
Little Bribes - Death Cab for Cutie
Simple Day - One Eskimo
Naked As We Came - Iron & Wine
Wild World - Cat Stevens
Almost Lover - Juliana Daily
Help Yourself - Sad Brad Smith
Soil, Soil - Tegan & Sara
Cold Cold Water - Mirah
Howl - Florence & The Machine
Flume - Bon Iver

September 13, 2011

As for personality tests and spaghetti

I've alway had this fascination with personality tests. Maybe it's self-obsession, but I'd like to think it's more the intrigue of reading a description of yourself or someone else and seeing it totally match them/yourself. In my experience in taking personality tests and reading others' results, they tend to be eerily accurate. Isn't it strange that we all see each other as individuals and as having our own unique attitudes towards life and how we conduct ourselves, and yet we nearly all fit pretty well into the 16 Jung personality types? Obviously I realize just because you have the same disposition as someone doesn't mean you'll have the same fate or lead the same life, but the idea of sharing personal tendencies and viewpoints with an entire population is pretty cool. Last night I had a friend take this test and reading their result...I might as well have been describing them. Ever since 6th grade I've without fail gotten INFJ; some descriptions I find more accurate than others, but at least I'm consistent!

Tonight I had tagliatelle for the first time. It was ridiculous. Why would anyone ever eat any other type of pasta. It's beautiful. But MORE IMPORTANTLY I spent 4 hours at the cafe this afternoon. It was comforting, kind of like therapy. I always need a certain amount of time in solitude and my time at the cafe has pretty much become synonymous with that. I hadn't really chilled there for a significant amount of time for about a week and I was going into withdrawal (I was going to say just like Amy Winehouse, but it's way too soon and if I say it in parentheses it has less impact...right?).

Saturday morning from my front porch
It needs to be cold cardigans are ready. I'm feeling comfy and frumpy - why is it still 80 degrees?! But the mornings are wonderfully crisp, my favorite. Saturday my alarm accidentally went off at 6am...woops. But I was just in time to catch this lovely sunrise - imagine me on my front porch in an a t-shirt, boxers, and my glasses looking like a fool taking pictures of the sunrise. Yup. That happened.

I felt like burying myself in comforters all day. Getting home late and having to function unfortunately don't go too well together. Those functions are discontinuous and I am where f(c) does not exist. Bah. That's how I feel when I'm tired. Unfortunately, I guess this also means that the barrier between my Calculus language and my vocabulary used to describe emotion has deteriorated. Domage. Ok, French too.

September 9, 2011

As for cozy sweaters

Well - I thought to myself all week - here it is! Autumn! I get to pull out all of my 90s sweaters, corduroys, and fuzzy  boots. Except - hold up. It's 80 degrees today. Dammit New England, stop screwing around with me! I do love autumn though. It's around that time before school hasn't entirely decimated your mental health and the rain feels so fresh against your just-peeling summer skin. I love sleeping with my window cracked open when it rains huddled in a sweater, just because it feels so crisp. mmm. But today, I pulled out that sleeveless cropped t-shirt and flip flops again. Oh well.

In the spirit of new beginnings and new school years, I've just mediafired 3 albums that Tavi's new online girl mag suggested - the Freaks and Geeks soundtrack, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain by Pavement, and Let's from Olivia Drusin. Musicgasm - they're all fantastic. If you haven't noticed yet, I definitely have an affinity for 90s sub/pop culture. Empire Records (on Netflix Instant) is one of my favorite movies (as is Clueless) and I have been watching My So-Called Life on repeat since the sixth grade, when I still emulated teenagedom. Sidenote: When I rewatched the season in tenth and then eleventh grade it was like a revelation - everything that had seemed so distant and so cool was now so....relatable. That's slightly depressing, but it was and is pretty nice to have Angela Chase to share my angst with. I also realized that in my life I have a Rayanne, a Jordan Catalano, a Brian Krakow, a Sharon Cherski, and a Danielle and Patty Chase (I'm not naming any names here).

My So-Called Life
Just this past year I started watching Freaks and Geeks - I have yet to finish the season (MUST MAKE TIME!) but so far I am in love with it (especially Nick Andopolis and Lindsay Weir) so turning on that soundtrack while I get ready for school is a beautiful experience. This all adds up to: I love the Pavement album. Stop Breathin is frickin awesome. Seriously, it's on YouTube and MediaFire - listen. Now. You won't regret it. Such angst and that grungy unfinished 90s vibe - it is way too perfect for my current state of mind. And I totally understand why oversized plaid shirts were such a thing back then - they rock. So comfy. So Idon'tgiveadamn. Mm, I like.

The adorable Pavement

Unfortunately, the bottom line of the day is, I am writing this at school during lunch (1. get me out of here 2. it's pretty awesome that blogger isn't blocked). But this is a hell of a lot better than Physics class, so at least my day has been brightened just a tad!

In the spirit of September and the 90s (which seem to logically go together for me...) here is a "Chill the September Out!" playlist, with a sample of chillwave and a Beyoncé song I haven't downloaded a pop culture album in years...and I just bought hers; it was too good for life. Enjoy!

I'm Eighteen - Dave Allen
Plans - Dinosaur Jr.
Come Sail Away - Styx
Silence Kit - Pavement
Half a Person - The Smiths
We Are Modern Art - Olivia Drusin
I Was Here - Beyoncé
Call It Off - Washed Out

September 7, 2011

As for my poor aching head

I have been in a constant state of sleep inertia ever since school started. And I will be for the next nine months until I get to stop waking up at the inhumane hour of 6am. No one can do this and maintain sanity. YOU JUST CAN'T. However, one of my classes seems actually interesting. And the college course I enrolled in is pretty damn awesome. Quotes of the day: "I want us to cuddle" "If you're not interested in sexual perversions or sex in general, drop this class."

I just downloaded Washed Out's brand-new album Within and Without. This is perpetrating my state of subconsciousness, but making it slightly bearable (so it's ok).  It's chillwave. All the songs seem like they sound the same until you realize they totally don't. Zone out to it. I promise, you'll like.

September 6, 2011

As for a couple bits

Listen up to my lovely chum Jules' mix. I personally am lulled along by it to my continued denial of school starting letsnottalkaboutit. This mix will make you think feel nice.

Also, this video is like coffee porn.

September 5, 2011

As for those soft lilting notes and expletives

You know when it's late at night and you're just keeping yourself up because it's better than falling asleep and all you feel like doing is listening to soft melancholic music? Well, that was me last night. So, low and behold, I made a (mostly) Soft Nighttime Mix.

Teenage Love Song - Rilo Kiley
Flying High - Jem
Sweet Memory - Melody Gardot
Skinny Love (Cover) - Birdy
Calgary - Bon Iver
Whispering - Lea Michele (Spring Awakening)
It Doesn't Hurt - Katie Thompson
Sensible Heart - City and Colour
Who Knows, Who Cares - Local Natives
Skin & Bones - David J. Roch
Size Too Small - Sufjan Stevens
18th Floor Balcony - Blue October
How Am I Doing - Anna Waronker
Grow Till Tall - Jónsi

In other news, it is the last day of summer. I'm having a latte and a lemon poppy scone for lunch at the cafe. This is nice. Except for when I wake up this morning to my parents trying to...parent me. Errchhhhhh. WHY?! I have lived on my own for the past two summers. The transition back to minor life is always sucky, but whenever they make a concentrated effort to, you know, be my "support system," I always feel like listening to angry songs that overuse the f word (and special guest, shit). So, here is a F*ckin Angry playlist (actually some of these songs don't have that much anger, but you know, let's just appreciate the word use). 

F*ck You Right Back - Frankie
Die Motherf*cker Die - Get Set Go
F*ck You - Cee Lo Green
Dickhead - Kate Nash
Totally F*cked - Brian Johnson (Spring Awakening)
F*ck You - Lily Allen
Shit Song - Kate Nash
F*ck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs
F*ck You - Garfunkel and Oates

Have a lovely last day of summer! And in the spirit of dreading the school year...I took and edited this in sophomore year. It pretty much embodies my hatred of school work and how I embrace cafe-living as a coping method. 

September 2, 2011

As for fairytales

kudos to some tumblr kid
I just watched Tangled on Netflix. Best. Decision. EVER. This was of course, while eating cereal in bed. God, I love summer. So going with the theme of magic and fairytales I am currently listening to the Wicked soundtrack. On high volume. (Yeah, my theater nerd side is coming out. Deal with it....if you got it, flaunt it! Oh god, there I go again.) Ahem, catch The Producers reference? I hope so. Well for those of you with the same escapist impulses as I, here you go:

Dancing through Life - Wicked

As for the fear of god and Claire Danes

Last year, I was really stressed. I was stressed about standardized testing, grades, extracurriculars, and my personal life. By the end of last year, I had consistently been self-inflicting sleep deprivation for weeks and was basically drained. So drained, in fact, that one night while studying for AP tests at 2 in the morning, I decided it would be a good idea - in the interest of documentation - to take a picture of my poor bedraggled self as an illustration of "This is as best as it gets." All I can say at this point is - I hope I was right. I hope I don't stress out as much as I did last year as I'm bound to this year about college applications. Because the essays have instilled the fear of god in me. It can't be healthy. When I can't sleep I fantasize about opening the email that starts with "Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you..." I've already picked out my happy song to dance around my room to if I get in (Blister in the Sun - The Violent Femmes). For those of you who are cool, you'll get the reference: Angela Chase danced around to that song in her room in "My So-Called Life" when she was happy about being over Jordan Catalano. Needless to say, I celebrate about academic achievements a tad more frequently than I celebrate about guys. *Sigh* Thus is life. Point being, you should all watch MSCL. It's on Netflix Instant. There is nothing stopping you. Go. Do it. Here is Angela Chase:

Image thanks to IMDB

In a similar vein, as a treat for you all, here is the song that Buffalo Tom played when they guested on MSCL. It's great in that 90s kind of way. Enjoy!

Late at Night - Buffalo Tom

September 1, 2011

As for feeling down and frozen yogurt

Alright - it's time for a rave about frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is so freakin' good. It's like, berries and ice cream (except lighter!) and a whole filling meal all at once! Perfect post-yoga munch.'s healthy?! A new frozen yogurt shop just opened up in my town and needless to say I'm well on my way to becoming a frequent foodie there. Today they were serving chai flavored yogurt. Seriously. Does it get any better than this? Yum.

So, the other night I was wallowing in the senior blues. You know the type, "I'm so done with high school, get me the hell out of here, why am I not a year older..." etc. etc. It's obnoxious and cliché. But let's be real here, it happens for a reason. Going from living on my own and interning in a really independent environment to living with...parents....was a big transition for me. Not the - I'm not ready to grow up, I miss home - type of transition, but the - I'm a big girl I don't need this shit get me back to my real life as a 20something - type of transition. Yuk. That combined with the monumental amount of stress I'm submitting myself to about college essays = mopeyness. To the max. So, for you I have a "Feeling Mopey and Cheering Up" playlist. Unfortunately, the website I use to share these playlists with does not support all the songs on this list (but YouTube does).

Just a Friend (feat. Biz Markie, Matt Berninger, and Sharon Jones) - Booker T. Jones
Time Bomb - The Format
Whatever You Like (Single Version) - Anya Marina
Float On - Ben Lee
There Goes the Fear - Doves
Talk of the Town (feat. Kawika Kahiapo) - Jack Johnson
Love on the Rocks - Sara Bareilles
The Execution of All Things - Rilo Kiley
Simple Day - One EskimO
Melody - Kate Earl
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah and the Whale
Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
Wrecking Ball - Amelia Curran
Lost in the Post - The Wombats
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay (Live) - Sara Bareilles
I'm an Animal - Neko Case
All Balloons - One EskimO
Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles
Daylight - Matt & Kim
Calling All Crows - State Radio
Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
Valerie - Amy Winehouse