September 21, 2011

As for sick days

So I open my eyes this morning, and right away I know. Fever. That pressing suffocating feeling of your head being dragged through the bed....and I haven't even opened my eyes yet. I stumble, semi-delirious, into my bathroom and take my temperature. In my groggy state I hardly believe the numbers - 103 degrees. Great. I don't have the time or the patience to be sick! Crap. Needless to say, I had to miss school. Not happy. I hate being behind. I felt like a puddle all day.

BUT I just got the next Freaks and Geeks disc in the mail, so I was quite content with switching between my Nick Andopolis, Downtown Abbey, The Daily Show, and The Playboy Club pilot (better than I expected! entertaining).

I also got bangs yesterday - I think I like them. But change is good. 

That's me!

I have been listening to lots of female singers for the past couple of days, so here it is! The Woman Playlist. Apologies if it's kind of mopey/depressing.

Coming Down - Dum Dum Girls
Swan Song - A Fine Frenzy
Daffodils - Olivia Drusin
1+1 - Beyoncé
Crimson & Clover - Joan Jett
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
My Slumbering Heart - Rilo Kiley
Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
Quiet Fire - Melody Gardot
Love Is - Meg & Dia
Someone Like You - Adele
Gatekeeper - Feist
Naked If I Want To - Cat Power
The Mistress - Amelia Curran
Stupid - Sarah McLachlan
In the End - Ida Maria
Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy
New Favorite - Alison Krauss & Union Station
Blinding (Acoustic) - Florence & The Machine

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