September 16, 2011

As for mundanity

You guys should just know I'm totally geeking out on life right now - listening to Cold Cold Water really loud because it just hits your core like that and it's so damn true and trying on stuff from Urban that I ordered (had to send half back, obviously - oh, life as an abnormally proportioned person) but I got a lovely fall dress out of it, in which I feel like an Italian 20something who makes herself beautiful breakfasts on the porch of her beautiful villa and just lives a beautiful life and a black part leather letterman jacket which actually fits me (who'da thunk it?) in which I feel slightly badass. In other news about myself that you don't care about - I'm gonna get bangs. Straight across bangs (I've had the same haircut since seventh grade, this is very exciting for me). Definitely feels more right.

Also, tonight I watched (on Netflix Instant! Woot!) Last Night. Ok, the plot is not the most original. Husband goes on business trip, both husband and wife have opportunity to cheat - what do they do and what happens when he returns? Well, I'm just going to make this loud and clear: THIS MOVIE IS WORTH WATCHING. It is one of those beautiful movies in which the moments in silence, the mundane actions, and the pure wordless acting are crucial. The writing is, to put it lightly, beautiful. One of the first thoughts I had while watching it was - this is the truest movie I've seen in a long time. It's heartbreakingly honest and the characters are so real. And not in the hipster movie "all our characters are struggling in their 20somethings and swear a lot because they are real" kind of way, but the honest way. The way in which you can't imagine them reading or memorizing their lines.  By the end of it, expect to feel immensely melancholy.

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