September 15, 2011

As for simple days

Late Start Day!

Today was a good day.

When I was in elementary school, I used to keep a diary. There were no long and emotional entries, no chronicles of playground debacles, no rants on the crushable boy I was swinging next to that morning - instead each day only had a couple of lines. As per my mother's suggestion, I started every day with how that day felt. So literally every entry for about 2 years was "Today was a good day." Believe me, those were not all good days. Today was a good day. It was the kind of day I tend to describe with textural adjectives, i.e. crunchy, juicy.

It's even amazing what an extra hour of sleep can do. I felt mentally intact. It was amazing. Cream cheese slathered bagel crunches in my mouth as I wash it down with a wonderfully bitter latte. School day floats by like the wasted time it is. Boots click clack on the rain-slicked pavement. 

And then I see him skateboard across the crosswalk a couple of cars ahead of me and thank god I didn't leave a moment earlier. 

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