September 30, 2011

As for grunge rock

I have been in this...I don't want to say "rut," but....musical rut. NOT that that's a bad thing. I love this rut. I am jammin out in it. But all I've been listening to is relatively grungy 90s-style rock. It's so great, you're really missing out - oh, wait. I'm uploading a playlist today. So you can get all caught up.

I've just been feeling like such a typical angsty teenager. In a kind of 'done with this/superior' kind of way. I was talking to a friend this afternoon about one of classes and I was talking about how little intellectual presence required to get an A in the class, and she replied "Thank God you have an easy class at least!" and my first reaction was - I'm sick of easy. I'm sick of being able to tread my way through these mundane and passive classes. There was a point in my educational timeline when they were useful. But right now I feel like for 6 hours a day I'm just paying dues and getting absolutely nothing out of it. Usually when you hear "I hate school!" it means that person is a slacker/doesn't care...etc. But for me...I'm hating school right now and loving my college class. I'm hating that taking 4 AP classes simply presents me with a crapload of busy work and nothing that actually requires presence of mind. Sure, we write analyses in English. But by "analyses" it's essentially - this is the plot line. This is the character's personality ... Are you still awake? I seriously need engagement right now. I'm wallowing in unwanted passivity.

To illustrate the above - here is a small selection of grungy and crushing songs. Enjoy!

Gold Sounds - Pavement
In My Head - Dum Dum Girls
Heartstrings - Breagh MacKinnon
What I Wouldn't Do - A Fine Frenzy
No Language In Our Lungs - XTC

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