September 28, 2011

As for slow sipping

I recently migrated my laptop-ing home into *drumroll please* the guest room! As opposed to my bed, that is. Previous classic Jess computing position: in bed reclined on the husband with laptop firmly perched on ovaries, slowly frying my eggs. Current classic Jess computing position: at desk reclined on super-comfy chair with wood firmly absorbing computer heat (not ovaries!). We've made a lot of progress. Aren't you proud of me? Anyways, my new home has enabled me to appreciate this room's beauty much more. It's got all of my great-grandmother's vintage furnishings in it, and the large window faces West - so I get full frontal sunsets on the daily. Needless to say, some really pretty moments come along. Here's a sampling from yesterday....

(c) Jess

(c) Jess

(c) Jess

I've also been hitting up my femme singers even more...I just recently discovered Breagh MacKinnon. I did my research on the interwebs and unfortunately the only way to get her music is via the big bucks, but believe me, the $6ish dollars on iTunes is well worth it. Heartstroking lyrics, and she *ahem* exhibits both breadth and depth in her freshman album. Each of her songs has a different rhythm to it, and yet they all beautifully meld together if you're listening to her in the background. Somehow she's one of those artists you study to, but also whose lyrics you know all of. Note: great beginning/during/ending relationship music for those that is applicable for

The Dum Dum Girls also just recently released their new album, Only in Dreams, which is fantastic. Straight up dance-around-your-room good music. I already put "Coming Down" on my Woman Playlist for you guys - definitely her requisite angsty song  (not in a bad way at all). However, the other tracks really go to a more positive place. Some songs are good for happy man hating ("Just a Creep"), but mainly it's all just perfect for I-just-developed-a-crush times (i.e. "I'd rather visit you in my head" from "In My Head). Y'know what I mean: you just realized you thought he was cute, and he gave you that suggestive side glance and *swoon* oh, the possibilities! Have fun with it :)

In other more mundane news - I've gotten into the habit of consuming my latte over a 6 hour period. My heat-containing travel coffee mug is definitely my enabler. S'great. 

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