September 26, 2011

As for bread

Ok, guys, on Saturday I went to a "breakfast breads" baking class - it was so much fun. I'd never gone to a cooking class before, but I saw the advertisement for this and it was right up my alley. We made brioche, pumpkin muffins, maple muffins, banana nut muffins, and cream scones (which were impossibly flakey). Seriously, why lift weights when you can make brioche? We needed the dough for over half an hour - some would say it's frustrating, I would say it's the definition of baking. Getting your hands dirty, really working with the dough. I enjoyed myself :)

Also, for no explained reason, I stayed up until 3am last night....most of it I spent organizing my life but then it got to the point where I decided to eat a scone, dunk my hair in the shower, put on my glasses, and watch Freaks & Geeks. So, you know, we live and learn. What did I learn, you may ask? Well, stay up until 3am as often as you can. It was a fun time. And then I slept way too late but I'm blaming that on the sickness.

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