September 7, 2011

As for my poor aching head

I have been in a constant state of sleep inertia ever since school started. And I will be for the next nine months until I get to stop waking up at the inhumane hour of 6am. No one can do this and maintain sanity. YOU JUST CAN'T. However, one of my classes seems actually interesting. And the college course I enrolled in is pretty damn awesome. Quotes of the day: "I want us to cuddle" "If you're not interested in sexual perversions or sex in general, drop this class."

I just downloaded Washed Out's brand-new album Within and Without. This is perpetrating my state of subconsciousness, but making it slightly bearable (so it's ok).  It's chillwave. All the songs seem like they sound the same until you realize they totally don't. Zone out to it. I promise, you'll like.

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