August 30, 2011

As for...productivity?!

You know that feeling when you're in the middle of a drought and suddenly a patch of rain just dumps down on you? Neither do I, but the metaphor seemed fitting. I have literally been doing *nothing* for the past week (aside from some physics summer homework, but really that was so basic, it was nothing. There are cartoon illustrations in my textbook. Enough said.) and finally something productive happened! How rejuvenating! The production team  I work with had this amazing meeting where we actually got shit done. Who'da thunk it? The fact that we've set our minds to reforming all of our projects and finding all these tiny  ways to make them just that much more better is fantastic - especially when we could have just been passive and kept things exactly how they were last year.

In other equally exciting news, I watched No Strings Attached last night. Now...if only I were Natalie Portman. She had my whole "woman too busy for emotions" thing going on - that I understand!  *cough, junior year, cough* Now if there were only men in my school who were maybe...3 years more mature than they actually are? Yeah, that would be nice. Also, if they didn't get in my oh-so-busy way. Yup, perfect. Except...wait. We're seniors. Which means that there is no one older. Crap. So much for that plan.

You should all also know that I'm blogging right now instead of writing my college essay. My excuse is that I don't have a prayerbook with me (yes, one of my drafts is on Judaism. No, it's probably not going to be my final topic. But still. I'm trying. And I still need a prayerbook to finish it). Also, I'm at my cafe and I am drinking a chai. One of my favorite things: when you tell the barista that you're getting your drink 'for here' and she actually gives it to you in a real mug, not just a paper cup. I LOVE IT. I could broodingly sip on this lovely ceramic mug all day long. And I probably will.

August 28, 2011

As for those gusty rains

Today I discovered a City and Colour album that must've just passed right under my nose! Sometimes is much closer in style to Bring Me Your Love: raw, acoustic, and a little twangy. And, as always, heart-wrenching lyrics. Dallas Green, the man behind City and Colour, has most recently released Little Hell which adds a hardcore electric sound that I've never heard him use before. This could have been a total style turnabout for him, but instead he just used the screaming edge of electrical acoustics to heighten the emotional angst that pretty much serves as the core of much of his music. It was one of those albums that you listen to, establish that you have one or two favorite songs on it, then a few weeks later, listen to it again, and realize that every song is your favorite. Each album is beautiful. Just buy them (or MediaFire them...). You won't regret it. *And most excitingly...* A couple of friends and I have tickets to go see him in early December! I could not be more excited. This band has illustrated every last one of my teenage high school angsty moments (especially the recent songs Weightless and Sorrowing Man) and I could not love them more. 

In other oh-so-exciting news, we experienced Hurricane Irene! And it was...boring. The storm, the day, the weather was entirely uneventful. Oh believe me, there was a good share of spastic rain and strong gusts of wind, but in my area it was just a slightly-stronger-than-usual rainstorm. I finished my Grey's Anatomy binge (can't wait until it begins again!) and continued reading Lolita (chillingly beautiful). Probably the height of my day was eating an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. It was pretty great, but that's gotta say something. 

The weather didn't quite live up to expectations, but in the spirit of things, here is a water/rain/storm themed playlist!

Meet Me By The Water - Rachel Yamagata
Hurricane Drunk - Florence & The Machine
I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
It Never Rains in Southern California - Albert Hammond
After the Storm - Mumford & Sons
Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Eva Cassidy
The Stable Song - Gregory Alan Isakov
A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope

August 26, 2011

As for those long summer days

Here I am (again) procrastinating writing college essays at the cafe...I'm in for a long day. It took me three hours to get out the door this morning. Three. Hours. Unfortunately, if I want to continue this habit, I'll have to start waking up at 4am during the school year - somehow, I don't see that happening. Seriously, it's inhumane waking up at 6am. I would just not show up, except there's that whole academic reputation thing to uphold. How unfortunate.

Meanwhile, two days ago I went to the second annual end-of-summer tea party a couple of my friends have been hosting! It's positively adorable. Everyone dresses up in their finery, drinks tea, and brings baked goods. It was so awesome seeing everyone again; although it did start to bring me back down to reality. Reality = not good. Eh, just thinking about having to go through one last year of high school just seems inconceivable right now. But - let's not think about that. I have a week left of long coffee-filled days and I don't intend to waste one moment. Back to the tea party, I baked chai tea scones and a lemon cornmeal breakfast cake. Yum! Here they are:

Tonight I rented Atonement to watch - eep! This summer I went on a total Ian McEwan binge and read Atonement, Saturday, and Amsterdam all in a row. It was great. I do have to say, Atonement and Saturday did out-mind-blow Amsterdam, but they were all beautiful. Saturday was especially fun for me since at my internship this summer, I was surrounded by neuroscience and psychology. Very exciting!

I am currently sipping the foam off of my skim latte. It's great. (just thought you should know). 

In other more mundane news - my family was planning to go to the Berkshires this weekend; see a show, go to Tanglewood, the works. Except - woah hey! *There's a frickin hurricane?!* Yeah, we live in New England. We're used to wackjob weather. But seriously? A fullblown hurricane headed straight for us? I have no patience. And the worst part of this is, when it hits on Sunday, it will probably be too yucky to drive to the cafe. Sadface. 

August 25, 2011

As for morningtime

Well, at this point I guess it's good afternoon. Eh, what else do you expect. It's summer. For the past three days my internet has been down (Verizon? What's wrong with you?), but to my pleasant surprise I wake up at 10am, pull my laptop onto my bed and....tah-dah! It's back. Hence, two hours went out the window due to 'needing' to catch up. I really did need to order that sweater. I swear.

Anyways, with only a week and a half left in my summer vacation I am *finally* taking it upon myself to go back to school shopping. This is probably the one year when I haven't actually been thinking about it at all...I think as senior year is approaching, I just care less and less. Hm. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a negative thing.

In order to try to harken back to the 2 weeks I just spent on the beach, I have for you (whoever you are) a guy-heavy (with a touch of femme mixed in) beach playlist! Perfect for feeling that free-wheeling independence. And for maintaining a sufficient level of denial about the upcoming school year - ew.

We Don't Need Our Heads - A Great Big Pile of Leaves
Battery Kinzie - Fleet Foxes
Cheerleader - Grizzly Bear
Lasso - Phoenix
She's Long Gone - The Black Keys
Skip the Charades - Cold War Kids
Older - Band of Horses
Sorrowing Man - City and Colour
With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley
Down By The Water - The Drums
Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
Moon and Sun - Gomez
Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin
San Jose - Joe Purdy
When U Love Somebody - Fruit Bats
Waiting For My Chance to Come - Noah And The Whale