August 30, 2011

As for...productivity?!

You know that feeling when you're in the middle of a drought and suddenly a patch of rain just dumps down on you? Neither do I, but the metaphor seemed fitting. I have literally been doing *nothing* for the past week (aside from some physics summer homework, but really that was so basic, it was nothing. There are cartoon illustrations in my textbook. Enough said.) and finally something productive happened! How rejuvenating! The production team  I work with had this amazing meeting where we actually got shit done. Who'da thunk it? The fact that we've set our minds to reforming all of our projects and finding all these tiny  ways to make them just that much more better is fantastic - especially when we could have just been passive and kept things exactly how they were last year.

In other equally exciting news, I watched No Strings Attached last night. Now...if only I were Natalie Portman. She had my whole "woman too busy for emotions" thing going on - that I understand!  *cough, junior year, cough* Now if there were only men in my school who were maybe...3 years more mature than they actually are? Yeah, that would be nice. Also, if they didn't get in my oh-so-busy way. Yup, perfect. Except...wait. We're seniors. Which means that there is no one older. Crap. So much for that plan.

You should all also know that I'm blogging right now instead of writing my college essay. My excuse is that I don't have a prayerbook with me (yes, one of my drafts is on Judaism. No, it's probably not going to be my final topic. But still. I'm trying. And I still need a prayerbook to finish it). Also, I'm at my cafe and I am drinking a chai. One of my favorite things: when you tell the barista that you're getting your drink 'for here' and she actually gives it to you in a real mug, not just a paper cup. I LOVE IT. I could broodingly sip on this lovely ceramic mug all day long. And I probably will.

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