August 26, 2011

As for those long summer days

Here I am (again) procrastinating writing college essays at the cafe...I'm in for a long day. It took me three hours to get out the door this morning. Three. Hours. Unfortunately, if I want to continue this habit, I'll have to start waking up at 4am during the school year - somehow, I don't see that happening. Seriously, it's inhumane waking up at 6am. I would just not show up, except there's that whole academic reputation thing to uphold. How unfortunate.

Meanwhile, two days ago I went to the second annual end-of-summer tea party a couple of my friends have been hosting! It's positively adorable. Everyone dresses up in their finery, drinks tea, and brings baked goods. It was so awesome seeing everyone again; although it did start to bring me back down to reality. Reality = not good. Eh, just thinking about having to go through one last year of high school just seems inconceivable right now. But - let's not think about that. I have a week left of long coffee-filled days and I don't intend to waste one moment. Back to the tea party, I baked chai tea scones and a lemon cornmeal breakfast cake. Yum! Here they are:

Tonight I rented Atonement to watch - eep! This summer I went on a total Ian McEwan binge and read Atonement, Saturday, and Amsterdam all in a row. It was great. I do have to say, Atonement and Saturday did out-mind-blow Amsterdam, but they were all beautiful. Saturday was especially fun for me since at my internship this summer, I was surrounded by neuroscience and psychology. Very exciting!

I am currently sipping the foam off of my skim latte. It's great. (just thought you should know). 

In other more mundane news - my family was planning to go to the Berkshires this weekend; see a show, go to Tanglewood, the works. Except - woah hey! *There's a frickin hurricane?!* Yeah, we live in New England. We're used to wackjob weather. But seriously? A fullblown hurricane headed straight for us? I have no patience. And the worst part of this is, when it hits on Sunday, it will probably be too yucky to drive to the cafe. Sadface. 

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