August 28, 2011

As for those gusty rains

Today I discovered a City and Colour album that must've just passed right under my nose! Sometimes is much closer in style to Bring Me Your Love: raw, acoustic, and a little twangy. And, as always, heart-wrenching lyrics. Dallas Green, the man behind City and Colour, has most recently released Little Hell which adds a hardcore electric sound that I've never heard him use before. This could have been a total style turnabout for him, but instead he just used the screaming edge of electrical acoustics to heighten the emotional angst that pretty much serves as the core of much of his music. It was one of those albums that you listen to, establish that you have one or two favorite songs on it, then a few weeks later, listen to it again, and realize that every song is your favorite. Each album is beautiful. Just buy them (or MediaFire them...). You won't regret it. *And most excitingly...* A couple of friends and I have tickets to go see him in early December! I could not be more excited. This band has illustrated every last one of my teenage high school angsty moments (especially the recent songs Weightless and Sorrowing Man) and I could not love them more. 

In other oh-so-exciting news, we experienced Hurricane Irene! And it was...boring. The storm, the day, the weather was entirely uneventful. Oh believe me, there was a good share of spastic rain and strong gusts of wind, but in my area it was just a slightly-stronger-than-usual rainstorm. I finished my Grey's Anatomy binge (can't wait until it begins again!) and continued reading Lolita (chillingly beautiful). Probably the height of my day was eating an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. It was pretty great, but that's gotta say something. 

The weather didn't quite live up to expectations, but in the spirit of things, here is a water/rain/storm themed playlist!

Meet Me By The Water - Rachel Yamagata
Hurricane Drunk - Florence & The Machine
I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
It Never Rains in Southern California - Albert Hammond
After the Storm - Mumford & Sons
Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Eva Cassidy
The Stable Song - Gregory Alan Isakov
A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope

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