September 28, 2011

As for....Blane?!

This is Duckie's reaction face to Blane's name. In Pretty in Pink.....duh. "Blane's not a name! It's a major appliance!" Hence, my car's name is Blane. Just thought this was pertinent to life. It seems to me that who you are in your car alone and driving is very emblematic of...the essence of you. Sure, it's a mundane exercise we need to complete to get from point A to point B, but who we really are gets expressed in the little things, the mundanities. Do you like to roll down the windows even when it's autumn and crispy cold outside? Do you dangle your fingertips over the windowpane? Do you tap your left foot along with the music? Is there music? Is it in the background or is it the only thing that keeps you from falling asleep? Do you turn your music down or up when the windows are open? Do you listen to NPR? Do you feel superior to the people walking? Do you hate pedestrians? Are you aggressive? Timid? Easily frustrated?

I hate slow drivers and yet I never cross far over the speed limit. I blast acoustic music with the windows open. I like that crisp air. I close my windows and sing very badly and very loudly. These were moving interludes tend to, in a way, condense my mood. It's the moments in between when everything outside can stop and you can just...turn inwards.

Oh no, my introversion is making itself known again.

Today in physics I wrote haikus about wanting to get out of here. Maybe I'll compile all my boredoutofmymind senior haikus (written in bubble letters) into a monotonous chapbook illustrating utter boredom. In the sense that the contents will be about being bored and reading it will be boring. How postmodern of me.

It's 10pm and I'm done with homework. Except I will never go to sleep.

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