September 9, 2011

As for cozy sweaters

Well - I thought to myself all week - here it is! Autumn! I get to pull out all of my 90s sweaters, corduroys, and fuzzy  boots. Except - hold up. It's 80 degrees today. Dammit New England, stop screwing around with me! I do love autumn though. It's around that time before school hasn't entirely decimated your mental health and the rain feels so fresh against your just-peeling summer skin. I love sleeping with my window cracked open when it rains huddled in a sweater, just because it feels so crisp. mmm. But today, I pulled out that sleeveless cropped t-shirt and flip flops again. Oh well.

In the spirit of new beginnings and new school years, I've just mediafired 3 albums that Tavi's new online girl mag suggested - the Freaks and Geeks soundtrack, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain by Pavement, and Let's from Olivia Drusin. Musicgasm - they're all fantastic. If you haven't noticed yet, I definitely have an affinity for 90s sub/pop culture. Empire Records (on Netflix Instant) is one of my favorite movies (as is Clueless) and I have been watching My So-Called Life on repeat since the sixth grade, when I still emulated teenagedom. Sidenote: When I rewatched the season in tenth and then eleventh grade it was like a revelation - everything that had seemed so distant and so cool was now so....relatable. That's slightly depressing, but it was and is pretty nice to have Angela Chase to share my angst with. I also realized that in my life I have a Rayanne, a Jordan Catalano, a Brian Krakow, a Sharon Cherski, and a Danielle and Patty Chase (I'm not naming any names here).

My So-Called Life
Just this past year I started watching Freaks and Geeks - I have yet to finish the season (MUST MAKE TIME!) but so far I am in love with it (especially Nick Andopolis and Lindsay Weir) so turning on that soundtrack while I get ready for school is a beautiful experience. This all adds up to: I love the Pavement album. Stop Breathin is frickin awesome. Seriously, it's on YouTube and MediaFire - listen. Now. You won't regret it. Such angst and that grungy unfinished 90s vibe - it is way too perfect for my current state of mind. And I totally understand why oversized plaid shirts were such a thing back then - they rock. So comfy. So Idon'tgiveadamn. Mm, I like.

The adorable Pavement

Unfortunately, the bottom line of the day is, I am writing this at school during lunch (1. get me out of here 2. it's pretty awesome that blogger isn't blocked). But this is a hell of a lot better than Physics class, so at least my day has been brightened just a tad!

In the spirit of September and the 90s (which seem to logically go together for me...) here is a "Chill the September Out!" playlist, with a sample of chillwave and a Beyoncé song I haven't downloaded a pop culture album in years...and I just bought hers; it was too good for life. Enjoy!

I'm Eighteen - Dave Allen
Plans - Dinosaur Jr.
Come Sail Away - Styx
Silence Kit - Pavement
Half a Person - The Smiths
We Are Modern Art - Olivia Drusin
I Was Here - Beyoncé
Call It Off - Washed Out

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