March 18, 2012

As for an update

Sorry I've been a little detached lately, I don't know, I just haven't really felt like writing here. That's ok though. It's been really nice being into a really good college, I can't lie. I worked my ass off for this, and it feels really nice to have earned it. In other academic news, my school's second trimester just finished up. All done with exams. Phew. I was really getting sick of those classes. Now - done with calculus and physics forever! This is especially good because I had a particularly incompetent teacher for my AP Physics class, and I really couldn't stand him any longer! Since last I wrote, however, the big whopper is that I have turned 18! Now I can do exciting things like get a lottery ticket, gun, piercing, and a tattoo. You know what I did? Registered to vote. Classic! I also went to a 90s themed party last night. It was fun at times. Things I like about high school parties: hanging out in the 'chill' rooms listening to someone play acoustic guitar. Things I don't like about high school parties: being dragged into a gyrating circle of sexually frustrated teenagers. Whatever. There were a couple of people there who I liked, so that was good at least.

However, the really remarkable thing about my long weekend has been my cousins, aunt, uncle, and dad's grandparents coming over for my birthday. Yesterday was really nice. I woke up early and baked a chocolate birthday cake with my mom, which turned out fabulously, if I may say so myself. That afternoon my family gifted me the time capsule they created in my first year, that has been kept a secret from me since! I can't even write about it, it was simply moving.

Right now, I'm just looking forward to having new classes this week and finding out from more schools! The weird thing is, now that I've gotten into an upper tier school, I really don't want to get into any of my targets/schools I now know I'm not going to go to; I'll just feel guilty! Oh well, how could I've known. I find out about two places this week, and the rest of my schools in the coming two weeks (all by about April 5). Exciting! I guess that's what feels so I feel excited, and not anxious. Now, finding out about a school isn't a matter of whether or not I'll have some place to go next year that I'm proud of, but going somewhere that's actually the best fit for me. That's a luxury I'm thankful for, believe me.

Also, my latest pop(not really) culture obsessions. I've recently gotten completely addicted to Mad Men. I've been watching it backwards - all of season four, then three, and I just started season two. Somehow, it makes it more interesting this way! I've also loved watching the new show Smash - I recommend it to you all. That show knows what it's doing; it's got class. Besides, you know how much I love musical theater. I was dinking around on youtube earlier this week and I stumbled upon the music from the 1968 film Oliver - memories! God those songs were a huge part of my childhood's theatrical repertoire. I love that soundtrack. Also, Patti LuPone, blowing my mind. I'm a total theater geek, deal with it. Tears I tell you, tears!


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