August 22, 2012

As for firsts and lasts

Monday night was my last night in my bed, in my home. I listened to Birdy and packed; by Tuesday at 7, everything was in bags. 

We stayed the night at my aunt's house, which is halfway to the city, and came in a little after 10 this morning. On Tuesday I went into town to pick up my last paycheck (yes!) and to celebrate stopped by the local competing frozen yogurt place, where I actually ran into some people from my high school, which was nice. My gradual goodbyes actually worked out pretty well, I think. I saw some close friends - Josh, Jo, Laura, Rosemary, etc. - at the annual tea party, went out to lunch with some friends - Jo and Rachel - and hung out with some people - Zeke and Jacob. I was actually proactively social! Progress! 

It was so strange to actually start packing my bags from my dressers and thinking to myself get everything, not the typical selective mentality when packing for a trip or vacation. It's different. It's odd. On my way out of the house, I just walked down the hallway upstairs and walked through the progression in reverse (regression) of all of my yearly school photographs. I feel as if I've been so many different people. I saw how far I've come. The evolution of you, when one is forced to confront it, is pretty overwhelming. 

I just got back from the 'introductory' part of COÖP, where we played intro games and ice breakers from about 3-6, then we ate pizza and talked on the quad in our trip groups, and went back to our rooms to pack our dry bags. 

Tonight, we'll be sleeping on the quad, and then leave in the morning for a 4-day river canoeing trip down the Delaware River. I hope I didn't overpack. I hope I share a tent with someone nice. I hope I don't get too exhausted while we're on the river. I hope I'm a good member of the team. I'm really nervous. We get back Sunday night. I kind of just want classes to start. Here goes. 

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