August 9, 2012

As for more sounds of summer

Here's a selection of some (mostly) acoustic music I've been listening to lately - it's got its fair share of sad female vocalists as well as bands such as Beirut and Fleet Foxes. Enjoy!

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop - James Vincent McMorrow
Battery Kinzie - Fleet Foxes
Blinding (Acoustic) - Florence + The Machine
We Are Modern Art - Olivia Drusin
It Was Right There - Emily and The Woods
Internal Dialogue - Maria Mena
The Bad In Each Other - Feist
Love Out of Lust - Lykke Li
Everest - Olivia Drusin
Goshen - Beirut
Sheets - Damien Jurado
1957 - Milo Greene
More Like Me - Emily and The Woods
Montezuma - Fleet Foxes
California - Joni Mitchell
East Harlem - Beirut
Wasted Hours - Arcade Fire

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