October 23, 2011

As for some twangy loveliness

Mmmm, Sunday morning has come again. I really truly love this. Yesterday was kind of blechy in the sense that I stayed home all day. By the end of it I was definitely coming down with a bad case of cabin fever. All I had to do was reading for school and kind of work on some essays; needless, to say, it did not prove to be the most inspiring. But what was lovely was for dinner we made boeuf bourguignon, buttermilk bread, and a pear tart. Such a country supper! This morning I've churned out one short essay and started a really productive essay of a full one. It's really shocking that this month has gone by so fast. I'm practically ready to submit my first college application. How crazy is that? I am pretty proud of how I have been doing everything in a very measured and spread out way; true, I'm not going to be done "super early" or anything like that, but giving myself time to grow into my writing style and to develop the ideas and content of my essays has proved invaluable. And nothing will be last minute - win! I've already mapped out my essay plan for all of the rest of my colleges for November through December, and have given myself two solid weeks of revision time in mid-December, and will have everything submitted by December 23rd so when I go off to KlezKamp (so excited) everything will be out of my hands and I can just celebrate and relax.

Also, I'm so ridiculously excited for KlezKamp. Every year (for the past six winter breaks!) I go to this weeklong intensive and it is really the only place where I feel in touch with my background. Synagogue frustrates me, b'nai mitzvot tend to be tedious, but this is a revelation. Every year I've gone it's been at this same hotel and I am lucky enough to have a clan of people my own age to hang around with. This was the place I had my first boyfriend, my first kiss, and my first "starring" role (I was 12). It really brought me out of my shell; the first year I went, all I did was go to my instrumental classes and hang around with my dad, and now I get back to our room around 1 or 2 in the morning and dance the night away. 'tis lovely. Two more months to go!

Here's my "Old Twangy"-esque playlist for y'all (sorry for some of the overlap with the last playlist, but thus is life)!

Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor
Wagon Wheel (Cover) - Mumford & Sons
These Days - Jackson Browne
Trouble - Cat Stevens
Piano Man - Billy Joel
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One - Neutral Milk Hotel
Don't Think Twice - Juliana Daily
Take It Easy - Eagles

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