November 1, 2011

As for my apocalypse

Last night I slept curled around a pile of foot warmers. Foot warmers in my socks. Taped on my knees. Between my hands. Under me. Why? you may ask? WELL Saturday night as blue and pink lights flashed across the sky and one foot of disgusting wet snow dumped down on every single house and tree in the surrounding area. Great. See, normally one foot of snow = pas de probleme. No sweat. But with all that nasty depressing semi-frozen water on trees who haven't lost their leaves yet? Yeah, chaos ensues. That night you could go outside and just hear snapping - trees falling over because of the weight. There are power lines trailing on the streets. Huge branches lining the streets. And this happened Saturday night (it's Tuesday!). We still have no electricity or power - hence, me camping out at the coffee shop telling y'all this. The blue and pink lights I mentioned above? An electrical transformer literally exploding a couple blocks away from me. Prime. But Sunday night I was salvaged in my oh-so-privileged fashion - I had plans on going to Boston that night anyways, so while most of my classmates were freezing, I was taking a warm bath (filled with bath salts) and reading Patti Smith's memoir. More prime! But, now I'm back, and it's our second day of cancelled school and I need to take a shower somewhere...blerg.

Also, school is cancelled Wednesday too. Awesome.

In other news, I recently mediafire-d Ed Sheeran's album "Songs I Wrote With Amy." It is completely defining my desperation for a boyfriend. But see, here we find ourselves in a catch-22. Wanting a boyfriend and having standards typically don't go well together. At least not for me. You may be thinking, well, she's probably just being too picky, she's bringing this upon herself! Nay, I tell you. My standard: I actually have to like who they are and they have to actually like who I am. WOAH, high standards! this day and age...those kind of are. Absolutely 0 of my past male experiences have lived up to that and I'm so completely sick of settling/having low self-esteem. I was so naive and I don't blame myself at all  they were all "learning experiences" - but right now I want a *gasp* "emotional experience." (by the way everyone, I am way over-caffeinated right now, which explains this spastic post).

But seriously everybody. Listen to as much Ed Sheeran as possible. Favorites: "She" and "Cold Coffee"

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