February 3, 2012

As for another week gone

Well, here I am. I'm finally again in that state of mind you saw me in this fall - it's a Friday afternoon, I'm listening to soft blues music at the cafe, drinking a mocha as an award for myself, and relaxed. Things have been...going. My play is revving up - auditions next week! And this Monday I applied last minute to a safety school I had initially decided not to apply to due to an immense lack of self-confidence. Yay! So now I can pretty much be sure that I'm going to get into college. Hey, at least it's more likely than before. I also have my second to last college interview today. To be honest, I'm so sick of them. If the interviewer isn't interesting/doesn't actually engage in conversation, it just feels like I'm performing for 45 minutes. I don't like putting myself on display like that.

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