February 13, 2012

As for late nights

It is 1:19 am and I've stayed up late studying for physics. Well, part studying, part procrastinating. That's a given.  I figured I'd post this - I wrote this during math class last week.

An ode to the girl with her nose in a book
Somehow you’ve learned to navigate these
locker-plastered hallways
with your peripheral vision alone.
novel propped up on
steadily bobbing hands
hair streaming out behind you
- as if you might be perpetually diving into the pages,
inertia, ever persistant –
bodies ebb and flow around you
but you: the uncaring straight-laced girl with her nose in a book –
unwaveringly strides down the hallway
head bowed over yellowed pages
far gone into a world the rest of us couldn’t begin to imagine.
Oh, girl with her nose in a book, will you take us with you?
beyond the fluorescent lights and blue lockers
past the laminated lavatory passes and rumbling photocopiers

but I always wonder, girl with her nose in a book,
will you come back to us?
- can you?
your hair has grown and your clothes have changed
- but that mind, girl.
That mind is filled with reams of papyrus
with love and loss, Sturm und Drang
monsters and lovers, deaths and births.
That mind might never come back, girl.
That mind might stay in its higher garden of dreams
in its what ifs and could be’s.
Oh please, girl with her nose in a book?
Will you bring one along for the ride?
Will you bring me?

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