May 25, 2012

As for 8

Eight days left. I found myself reading in bed last night, doing research for my International Relations generalizations, and copying quotes from Lady Chatterley's Lover for my AP project. I realized that this type of work in this place at this time of night would not happen so much in the future. It will be different work, in a dorm room or library states away, still late at night, won't be the same blend of work or stress or tinged with the same eagerness for the future.

I find that this quote really articulates why I love listening to music. Following are two songs I really feel exemplify this lift.

"In the best rock songs...there's a moment when all the gears come into play - a pause just before the chorus when everything in the universe seems, for the briefest of moments to expand and your scalp tingles and lifts a millimeter toward infinity." - Kirk Johnson

Death by Chocolate - Sia

Transatlantacism - Death Cab for Cutie

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