May 5, 2012

As for ringing in May

I have had four hours of sleep over the past two nights. Sunday night I was working on my International Relations outline until 3:30 and last night I was working on my Psychology outline (on the heritability of intelligence!) until 4:30. I've never gotten as close as I did last night to pulling an all-nighter on a school night!

Alright, it's currently Wednesday. I'm still sick. Last night I napped from 5-9, which helped. I also saw My Week With Marilyn and Closer. I highly recommend both. Michelle Williams is forever an inspiration; I respect her acting and movie choices so much. One of my favorite films she was in is called Me Without You, and it changed my life a little bit. I just loved her representation of growing up, best friend-hood, and the insecurity of smart girls. Good stuff, guys, good stuff. Another movie I just recommended to a friend today - Atonement. Just do it, you won't regret it. BUT you must read the book first. And while you're on your Ian McEwan kick, Saturday is my second favorite book of his. Just do it. You will get sucked in and won't ever want to leave. His writing and his stories are freaking beautiful. One of my favorite authors. Nearly my favorite, I couldn't say.

Also, I just began listening to John K. Samson's solo album, Provincial. John K. Samson? I thought to myself. Who?! Monsieur Samson is, in fact, one of the members of The Weakerthans. The Weakerthans! I freaking love that band. And I freaking love his solo album. Congratulations, sir, that is a beautiful piece of musical work. You can stream it here. Also, check out some of Tavi's mixes here. Her 60s vibes are perfectly in sync with mine! The Real Thing's soundtrack was almost exclusively 60s pop. Hate to love it, you know?

Recent realization - that smokey sadness blend of music really encapsulated my fall jams. Maria Mena, Cat Power, Feist, Dum Dum Girls, Olivia Drusin, Ed Sheeran, Joni Mitchell. Mostly ladies! Sad, claustrophobic type music. I suppose, just how I was feeling.

A good book will always motivate you to wake up earlier to read.

Cat Power, why must you kill my heart so sweetly?

Blue - Cat Power

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