May 10, 2012

As for the end of an era

I can't stop thinking that I am in the midst of a formative time period. That right now is a time I will look back on as significant. Because it's supposed to be. Because it's the end of high school - this period of life gets positively obsessed about in almost every bit of pop culture I enjoy. Classic television shows like My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks, awesome movies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and just plain old memories. I am not even close to the person I was 2 years ago, 4 years ago. Freshman year was cute; looking back it was pretty much an extension of middle school, although some of the papers we wrote were pretty formative in my analytic skills (World Civ paper!). Living in Cambridge really changed my outlook and corrupted me a bit more, but still within a definitively innocent perspective. Sophomore year was claustrophobic (especially through January), breaking up with my first boyfriend, and then...sophomore spring. Well, we know what that was. It sounds cheesy, but it definitely was figuring out the moral shades of grey and what I was comfortable with. Junior year was kind of the logical continuation of that, and just pounding the pavement with school work. SATs, AP classes and tests, college tours. Boys/men, oy vey. No regrets though. That year was...a learning experience. Now this year - I don't know. I definitely had the stereotypical senior claustrophobia. Logically enough, this was the year I've been most ready to move on. Lots of boredom in malaise in the fall. Ennui. Directing the play was immensely fun but things have been pretty static in the personal sector. Just waiting...

Here's the thing about the last couple of weeks of school from my perspective from the midst of it - I'm bored. Nothing exciting is happening, I'm not going through any major dilemmas, social life is still the same as it was in September. Which is fine, it's just a let down. The weather is getting warmer, even if it's raining and storming. Right now it's brilliant outside, the tail end of a late start day. Things are fine, just not different. I'm going around town after this to get job applications. Eh.

Here's a mashup of what I'm currently listening to. That's the most exciting thing going on right now - new music discoveries!

You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis
Daisychains - Youth Group
Blue Skies - Noah and the Whale
Highway 1 East - John K. Samson
Musician, Please Take Heed - God Help the Girl
I Should Have Known Better - She & Him
Mamma Said - The Shirelles
Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen
Melt Your Heart - Jenny Lewis
God Help the Girl - God Help the Girl
Age of Consent - New Order
Longitudinal Centre - John K. Samson
Creature Fear - Bon Iver
Death by Chocolate - Sia
Funny Little Frog - God Help the Girl
It Wasn't Me - Jenny Lewis

[Listen Here]

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