May 22, 2012

As for proximity

First order of business, you might've noticed that I've begun to upload my playlists to under the username rhymeswithyes. If you go here you can see all of the mixes I've updated thus far all together!  All future mixes will be linked from here, as usual.

Second, check out a local band, Goat Boy. You can download and stream their album online - it's superb. Every single song kills me. Just do it. (Favorite: Birds, I Won't Miss It, Oh Well)

Third of all...ugh. I have so many projects wrapping up right now. None of them are extremely hard, but just putting in the effort to do them all at once is proving quite trying at the moment, with 8 days left of school. AP Lit paper (and finish the book), International Relations generalizations, Foods project, Psychology test. Yuck. Instead of gradually detaching myself from school - weaning, if you will - I need to increase my efforts! I know everyone does this for finals, but what with my grades being great already, me being into college, and relaxed, it's kind of difficult to dedicate the time I need to. Here's the clincher: I actually am! I'm doing the work. I just really really vehemently don't want to be. This is my version of senioritis: still doing all of the same work at the same level, just not wanting to more and more.

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