May 22, 2012

As for summer employment

Well, I guess this day had to come at some point. I am now the (not proud) owner of a position at a local frozen yogurt shop. The classic teenage summer job. It's semi-corporate with awful decor. I feel like such a sell out! My morals are rearing their ugly heads, but I'm taming them for the money. Oy. This is where I acknowledge and beg pardon for my privileged white girl speak above. I'm sorry. I really really am. All my past summer experiences have been unpaid and entirely academic - now that I'm essentially doing a brainless job all summer, guess what I will be doing in my spare time? YOGA AND READING. That's all. I'm just going to be so mentally healthy, it'll be ridiculous. There are some local discounts for first timers at some yoga studios, so instead of paying an outlandish $15 dollars per class, it will theoretically be more like $2 for about a month or a couple of weeks depending on the studio. Basically, I will do what I did last summer in Cambridge - just bounce around studios using their discounts :) Mwahaha.Yoga just makes me feel better, physically and therefore mentally. I love getting limber. Mm.

Besides that, I have a 130 book-long reading list to attend to, so I won't be without entertainment. Good times will be had for all (my brain and I, that is). Here's hoping this summer will be a good one, even if it does get too boring or lazy.

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