January 22, 2012

As for a couple breaths

Oddly enough, right now, with the snow finally covering the ground and not much keeping me occupied, I am finally feeling that cozy sitting at the cafe for extended periods of time and feeling decompressed not depressive feeling. It's nice. Last night, before I went out to a friend's birthday party, I watched happythankyoumoreplease on Netflix Instant. Now, not including Ghost World (which I watched the other night and was fantastic) I haven't stumbled upon any really good acting-heavy screenplay-quality independent movies on my juants around the interwebs lately. This has been thoroughly disappointing, up until last night. I am aware that this movie is a love it or hate it piece of work - there have been some scathing and equally adoring reviews - I loved it. Yes, it had a sweet ending, but it didn't take a Hollywood/unrealistic/roses and chocolate route to it. The characters were flawed, nuanced, and were thoroughly believable. It also made me want to live in New York. Consider it recommended.

Sufjan Stevens is currently playing. This is nice.

I know this sentiment has been voiced time and time again, but I sincerely dislike when close friends of mine act awful in public. It really repels me.

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