January 11, 2012

As for the theatre

Two very exciting updates!

1. Bam. Planning for an informational meeting for my spring play. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this thing.

2. You heard my dancing woes the other day. They have since been remedied! I decided to be a techie this year. Ever since I was a freshman I always saw myself becoming one, but through dancing I got wooed to the "onstage" half of things and never ended up behind it. I'm really excited about the next few months - I really need a techie base of skills for any future theatrical ventures, and anything I learn will definitely help with update #1.

My college application process has led me to weeding through the hundreds of my colleges' student organizations. They have me really excited, especially about the experimental and student-directed theatre organizations. There's one organization that actually runs their own theater, from the position of art director to director of communications. so up my alley. 

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