January 3, 2012

As for the next best thing (part deux)

This post is actually going to be about what part un was supposed to be about: the next best thing. My big picture next best thing (do you really have to ask?): next August. College. But in the short term, I figured it was healthy to have some events to look forward to so I don't go into hibernation between now and August (which right now seems like a really good idea).

1. The weekend of the 13th I'm going up with my family to visit the sublet my dad will be living in halftime for his long-distance commute to his new job. This should be nice! The house looks adorable and the town is quaint (I predict consuming a lot of coffee and cafe-products over these couple of days). It is liberal and adorable - what could go wrong?

2. Here's the whopper. For February break, my family and I will be spending the week visiting cousins and seeing shows and bopping around London and Cambridge, England. In Cambridge, we'll be dropping by all of our old haunts (for those of you who don't know, I spent four months of my 9th grade year living and going to school there). In London, we'll be seeing an Agatha Christie play, The 39 Steps, and Zach Braff's new play, All New People. Of course, we have booked the obligatory high tea and will be staying in some boutique hotels, trying being the least-touristy as possible (at least I will...).

3. Late March to early April. For about a one to two week span I will be finding out the results from all of my colleges. Stressful. Exciting (hopefully).

4. My play! Opening at the end of April, I will be producing and directing The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard (check this play out, I'm pretty much in love with it). Auditions will be held in February. I'm very excited to sink my teeth into this thing.

5. A lazy summer. Hopefully I'll get a job at my local bookshop, whither my days away in the corner with a stack of books, and in general chill out and earn money. This offers a much needed reprieve from school and my past two very awesome but very academic summers.

For now, I'm just playing the waiting game.

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